Lip care – Scrubs, Balms, Tints and Liquid Lipsticks

Winter is finally here in Cape Town and with it, comes the need for extra nourishing skincare products to combat the effects of cold weather and warming fires. So, let’s talk Lush lip care! From lip scrubs and lip balms to lip tints and liquid lipsticks, Lush have your smackers covered so that you can pout with pride regardless of the frosty season! Keeping lips smooth and supple is as simple as two steps:



Choose a Lush lip scrub – they have five available in the regular line. They all contain castor sugar and a number of oils to give you the perfect balance between scrubbiness and moisturisation. My favourite is Mint Julips. It smells divine, exactly like Magnum Mint ice cream and is packed with organic jojoba oil, tagetes oil and peppermint oil. To use, simply scoop some out with your finger and scrub along lips, then lick or rinse the excess sugar away. I’ve been testing Mint Julips out for just over a week and I’ve found it does its job so effectively that I needn’t use it every night, but can use it every third evening and still maintain soft, supple lips.




Now apply your favourite Lush lip balm or lip tint. There are six lip balms and three lip tints available in the regular line. I’ve tried Honey Trap, Passionfruit, Key Lime Pie and Lip Service which all contain their own unique blend of oils and ingredients. I’ve found that Lip Service has been the most nourishing and contains shea butter, cocoa butter, extra virgin olive oil, apricot kernel oil, beeswax (making this non-vegan) and tangerine oil. Its a lot more balmy, leaving lips nourished, without the shine of a gloss. The other lip balms are lighter and leave a beautiful gloss finish. I enjoy using my lip scrub at night, followed by a generous coating of Lip Service lip balm. By leaving it to work overnight, I’ve have found that I’m able to stave off dry, cracked lips. In fact, I cannot remember a time when my lips were this smooth, soft, supple and plump!



The other option is to use a lip tint which not only moisturises and nourishes lips, but also leaves a stain of beautiful colour. I love Strawberry Bombshell for it’s hot pink colour. What’s super lovely about Lip Tints is that you can decide how much or how little colour you’d like. When using it on its own, I enjoy building up colour to the maximum. I also always use a lip tint before I apply a matching (or closely matching) lipstick to ensure extra, day-long staying power of my chosen lip colour, plus it adds extra moisturise.



Now that your lips are smooth and soft, adding a liquid lip colour is effortless. There are thirteen highly pigmented liquid lip shades within the regular range. They come packaged in a glass bottle and have a sponge applicator which I find makes application easy and precise (I’ve really put this to the test by applying the liquid lipstick without a mirror, as well as in a moving car while the husband drives!).



An added bonus is that the lipsticks double as a cream blusher and eyeshadow! I’m all about multi-purposing my Lush products! These liquid lipsticks are also long-lasting and moisturising thanks to the jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax. They dry to matte, but due to containing a shimmery sheen, they look liquid, which I adore! Right now I’m loving Believe. I struggle to find reds that work with my skin tone but this one has a coral undertone and its so gorgeously and makes my complexion look peachy and tan.



Where can I get these: All stores, as part of the regular line. Also look out for limited edition lip scrubs and tints as part of selected seasonal ranges

Price: Lip Scrubs R105; Lip Balms R95; Lip Tints R120; Liquid Lipsticks R195

Weight: Lip Scrubs 25g; Lip Balms 12g; Lip Tints 4g; Liquid Lipsticks 5g (stated on packaging and Lush UK website) 7g (stated on Lush SA website)

Vegan: All except Honey Lip Scrub, Honeytrap Lip Balm and Lip Service Lip Balm which are all Vegetarian approved

Self-preserving (SP): All except Liquid Lipsticks are unspecified

Lip Scrubs available in 5 flavours: Bubblegum, Chocolate, Honey, Mint Julips (my fave!) and Popcorn

Lip Balms available in 6 flavours: Buttered Brazils, Honeytrap, Key Lime Pie (my fave!), Lip Service (best for winter lips!), Passionfruit and Rose Lollipop

Lip Tints available in 3 shades: It Started With A Kiss (Red), Strawberry Bombshell (Hot pink) and Sunkissed (Nude Pink with subtle shimmer)

Liquid Lipsticks available in 13 shades: Please see Lush SA for colour references

To find out ingredients listing for a specific product go to Lush SA for more info

Photos: Kristi Agier Photography, Me

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    3, i love lush lip care
    4, youll need to add a naked section :p27th October 2017 – 5:50 pmReplyCancel

  • brenna - My favorite lip products are bubblegum lip scrub and rose LOLLIpop! I love HOW you shared HOW each different product works 🙂27th October 2017 – 6:46 pmReplyCancel

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  • _lush.crush_ - I never tri any of these but i am buying suga plum fairy lip scrub this christmas 5th November 2017 – 7:39 pmReplyCancel

  • sonali beedasee - i use strawberry bombshell and i miss it each time I need to wear lipstick it’s like going against my faith, which is lush in general!!! thank you for your dedication to show us the best 🤗🤗7th November 2017 – 10:27 pmReplyCancel