Lush Creative Showcase – What’s all this naked, solid liquid shower gel business?

The Lush Creative Showcase took place this past week and it was like a Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory, but for Lush! The Showcase is open to staff and the public and is a time of year where Lush reveal new innovation, products as well as the much anticipated Halloween and Christmas range for the year. There are also Showcase exclusives and new Swag to purchase which is always super exciting for those who attend. The full range of the Volume IV perfumes were on display with the highly coveted Volume IV Tank Battle and Icon perfumes also available along with others at Lush Oxford Street in the UK!


The innovation theme for Lush this year follows on the 2007 Lush campaign of “Packaging is (literal and figurative) rubbish” with a the movement toward zero packaging and therefore what Lush call, “naked” products. Lush already successfully sell solid shampoo and conditioner bars, massage bars, solid bath oils, body butters and some deodorants and in so doing, over the last five years, Lush’s shampoo bars alone have saved approximately 30 million plastic bottles from ending up in landfills. That number is staggering! With an even more prominent move toward “going naked” with their products, Lush hope to open a dialogue about plastic and packaging as well as get people thinking about their daily waste. With that in mind, Lush have been cooking up (quite literally) formulations to give us naked shower gels and body conditioners for Christmas, as well as a myriad of other naked versions of well-loved Lush products that could be introduced to the regular line in the near future.


These and other Naked Shower Gels are now available to purchase online in the 250g version from the Lush UK website


When lushies first heard about the naked shower gels or solid liquid shower gels (Don’t worry, we all said “Huh?”) most of us, me included, were like, okay… so, soap? But Lush inventor David Campbell explains that although one might look at a solid liquid shower gel and assume its soap, it isn’t. How (we all asked)? By removing the water from the product (water makes up a large part of liquid shower gels), you are left with a highly concentrated formula giving it its solidified form. Once water is reintroduced through say, taking a shower and lathering a naked shower gel up, the consistency returns to that of a shower gel. But don’t fret, the whole thing doesn’t become a liquid mess! It lathers up as if it were soap but because the formulation isn’t that of a soap (milder surfactants and other good stuff) you get the skin feel of a shower gel. The take home message is: Formulation is that of a shower gel, minus the water and so when you add water, you have a shower gel to a degree, as we know shower gels. Pretty genius! The naked products are also a touch cheaper and more concentrated so you essentially get more bang for your buck from two sides when choosing “naked”.


The next valid question pretty much every lushie asked was: Do the naked products have a melt warning (meaning, if one orders a naked shower gel or body conditioner via mail order, could they arrive in a gooey mess due to heat)? The answer is, Yes and No. Naked shower gels are safe to travel as they do not contain butters and oils that make them a melt risk so you can know that unless your parcel gets heavily rained on, your naked shower gels will arrive in perfect, solid condition. The naked body conditioners however (and this will go for all future products that contain oils and/or butters like solid facial moisturisers) will melt like the solid bath oils do, when traveling to countries that are hot or in the peak of their summer. Just. Don’t. Do. It. 😀 With that being said, I’ve tested how heat resistant oil and butters heavy products are to heat and I have to say, they do pretty flipping well! All my meltables have arrived in relatively solid form, all times of the year except in the height of Cape Town summer. I’d say its quite safe to order meltables outside of our hottest months. A good rule of thumb is: If you feel like you’re melting in the heat, chances are your meltables will too 😛


Two of our favourite Christmas Body Conditioners available to buy Naked or potted this Christmas


Lush have not only made solid shower gels as well as their liquid counterparts available for Christmas 2017, they’ve also created naked versions of five (one is brand new to the regular line) of the regular line shower gels namely, Happy Hippy, Dirty Springwash, The Olive Branch, Plum Rain and the all new Oaty Creamy Dreamy and these are available to buy on the Lush UK website now. The four Christmas scents available are Twilight, Rose Jam, Bubbly and Snow Fairy with two new scents for the festive season being Berry Berry Christmas and Santa’s Christmas. All of these are currently available to buy on the Lush UK website. We will be getting these naked versions in South Africa. The naked body conditioners are available in three Christmas scents: Snow Fairy, Christingle and a brand new ‘Celebrate’ scented body conditioner, Buck’s Fizz (very similar to the popular Bubbly Christmas scent) and are all available now on the Lush UK website. We also see the ever popular So White scent in a new format, a body lotion called Once Upon A Time and this will be available in both the potted and naked versions and available now on the Lush UK website. The potted version is available in two sizes (100g and 225g) whereas the naked option is only available in the smaller, 100g size.  As with all naked products, you have the option to choose the liquid or original potted versions, with naked shower gels available in 250g and body conditioners available in 100g.


How do you store all these gorgeous new naked products? Although I’ve not yet tried a naked shower gel, I suggest cutting a centimetre thick slice off the bottom of the shower gel – lie the shower gel on its side and slice a piece off like we see the Lush staff cutting up soap. Then use it as soap and store it on a clean, unused Lush face mask pot lid (The idea of the pot lid comes from my dear friend Renate from @lushatemywallet on Instagram).  Store the larger piece wherever you store your Lush products 🙂 (The cutting of the shower gel idea, although I’m sure others have thought to do this, I’ve just not yet seen anyone suggest it, is mine :D). For the naked body conditioners and the naked body lotion I’d do the exact same thing and see how that goes. Be sure to keep all these items out of the way of the direct stream of water to ensure they last the longest.


Here’s a quick video Lush created to show how to use a Naked Shower Gel:


If zero packaging and Lush’s Naked Revolution interests you and you’d like to read more, I have linked several of their articles on the subject below:

The Naked Revolution (An older article that focuses on Shampoo Bars, their origen and waste stats)

Go Naked (the first in-store campaign where Lush staff sported aprons and their birthday suits as pat of the Go Naked campaign in 55 cities across the UK back in 2007)

The Naked Truth: Packaging Free Cosmetics

The Future Looks Naked (A short article chatting stats, the absence of water in a formulation makes it solid and naturally self preserving and touches on Eco Flo, which is Lush’s packing peanuts made from biodegradable potato starch)

Naked House – Laid Bare (This is the pop up exhibition taking place currently in the UK and is part art gallery part educational experience regarding waste and how you can start to live with less waste in your daily life.)

Naked For Life (Tips on how you can easily live a life with less waste)

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  • Charley - I currently have a couple of naked products and i really like them so far🙊27th October 2017 – 1:07 pmReplyCancel

  • Andreea - I find naked products difficult to use, but i want to try them. I live that lush always comes with intereStung products.28th October 2017 – 5:29 pmReplyCancel

    • kimdutoit - I’ve found if I cut a piece off and use that smaller piece instead (whether it is a piece of naked shower gel or naked body conditioner) you waste less, and the large piece you aren’t using then never gets messy and stays easy to store. The small piece you’ve cut off, you can the store in a small tub 😃29th October 2017 – 11:29 amReplyCancel

  • Mikah - Im stIll debating wheyer to get naked products🤷🏼‍♀️ @theluShgirl 3rd November 2017 – 12:59 pmReplyCancel

  • Lucy - I loved the showcase! Love @lushie_luu xx3rd November 2017 – 2:09 pmReplyCancel

  • Aubrey - I think that this is a good take on the items, I’ve only tried the once upon a time lotion naked and I actually really enjoyed it! @NOTROUBLESONLYBUBBLES3rd November 2017 – 3:08 pmReplyCancel

  • JessiCa - I cannot wait to try bucks fizz 🤤🤤 & i need to make my descision on Naked vs packaged!  i need to make a mall visit! (Insta:oranjessica689)7th November 2017 – 6:58 amReplyCancel

  • Shakira vawda - I hate packaging!!!! It’s awful that it all ends up in the ocean 💔 thank goodnesS for lush taking the inniTiative and Being naked for life, allowing us to do so too. Thank you For writing this post and helping us to raise awareness as well. The post was well written. Lushies for life ❤️20th November 2017 – 2:52 pmReplyCancel

  • Shakira Vawda - I hate packaging!!!! It’s awful that it all ends up in the ocean 💔 Thank goodness for Lush taking the initiative and being naked for life, allowing us to do so too! Thank you for writing this post and raising awareness. Lushies for life ❤️ @shakiravawda20th November 2017 – 2:56 pmReplyCancel