About Me

I’d visited Lush in Covent Garden, UK as part of a buying trip when I worked for The Foschini Group in Cape Town, South Africa, as a cosmetics buyer. I bought Dream Cream for my dad and a Buffy body butter for myself. I had been completely overwhelmed whilst browsing, as any newbie can be.

Upon returning home from our trip, I forgot my Buffy in the shower and later found it had grown trees! Back then I didn’t know much about Lush and my present day self cringes at my rookie error. This was way back in 2009. Fast forward to 2016, I visited my local Lush in my birthday month in search of products that would calm my skin and nourish my hair.

A love affair was born. A lush-related instagram account was created.

Now I’m here, with a lovely little Lush blog where I chat about all the products I’ve tried so that I refrain from talking the ear off anyone who will listen – friends, family, dermatologist, random strangers in a queue – you understand. Everyone is welcome to follow along here and on my instagram, as I bath, shower, moisturise and scrub my way through all that Lush has to offer!